Unemployment Insurance

Protect Yourself from Losing Income with Unemployment Insurance

The uncertainty of maintaining employment has become an even stronger focus for people in the wake of the recent recession. This is why many have been turning to unemployment insurance as a way to supplement or replace the unemployment benefits which are guaranteed by the state.

The reason why these policies are more tantalizing than the unemployment benefits you receive from the state is the amount you receive. Your unemployment insurance benefits will far exceed anything you can receive from the state. The state only pays a small percentage of what you earned from your job. You are also limited in the amount of time you will be able to receive you benefits from the state.

Those making unemployment insurance claims can receive benefits for up to one year from the time that they lose their job. This gives you time to consider what your next move will be so you are not in a panic to get a new job.

Every employee is given state unemployment insurance. They pay into the policy while you are working for them. You can only make an unemployment insurance claim if you are fired from your job. You will need to have the letter of termination with you from your employer in order to prove your unemployed status.

Those looking for independent coverage will need to find the right coverage for their needs. Keep in mind that before you will ever be able to make a claim, you will need to make the unemployment insurance payments. These premiums are based on the insurance company you are getting the policy through and for what amount you are getting the policy for. Failure to make your payments will result in the loss of your policy and an inability to receive a claim if you file it. Try to find a policy which you can afford as well as one which will allow you to be able to get the amount of money you need so that you can maintain your current lifestyle even as you are searching for a new job.