The Benefits Of Receiving Medicare


Senior citizens and people who are disabled often have unique healthcare needs. They need medical services that can be costly and difficult to obtain without proper health insurance coverage. Many people who are retired or who are disabled cannot afford to buy their own health care policies. They must rely on government programs to help them obtain the services they require to stay healthy. When these individuals cannot afford to purchase health coverage of their own, they may apply for Medicare.

Medicare offers many benefits to people who find themselves in this situation. Medicare can cover costs that otherwise would be impossible for these individuals to afford. For example, many seniors rely on medications to help keep their age-related illnesses in check. They may use insulin, medications for heart disease and high blood pressure, ointments for arthritis, and other prescription medicines to get through each day without discomfort or fear of dying. Because these medications are often expensive, seniors cannot pay for these drugs on their own in most cases. When they have access to Medicare, they have the benefit of knowing that they can get their medications with most or all of their prescriptions’ costs being billed to this program.

People who use Medicare also have the benefit of being able to get equipment to use in their homes for their safety and comfort. Many people who are elderly or disabled cannot get out of bed or chairs without assistance. Thus, these individuals may qualify for a walker to which they can hang onto while they lift themselves out of their chair or bed. Walkers can cost hundreds of dollars without Medicare coverage. People with this coverage can have all of the cost covered, or at the very least only have to pay a small portion for their

Most people who are on the Medicare program also qualify for in-home assistance. Because seniors and many disabled individuals cannot carry out normal activities like doing laundry or cleaning, they may be eligible to have in-home health workers or nurses assist them each day. Nurses can help these individuals take medications, bathe, walk, and eat. At-home workers can do these individuals’ laundry, cook their meals, clean their homes, and run errands for these clients. Without Medicare, these people may not be able to enjoy a healthy and productive lifestyle. This program benefits these individuals by giving providing them with needed assistance.